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Summer Diet and Training


With the recent glorious sunshine and now summer is just around the corner, thoughts are turning to the dreaded ‘beach body’.

Are you beach ready?!

If the answer is no …. Have you ever thought about hiring professional help from a personal trainer to get yourself on track?  After all, you wouldn’t service your car by yourself would you….

IPT Fitness, as a results based personal training company in Tunbridge Wells , we will help you achieve your goals through targeted fat loss specific nutrition advice and workouts, and most important we will test the effectiveness of our training and nutrition via our stage of the art Fit3D body scanner.

We use resistance training as a primary tool to burn fat and shape and tone your body.

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Cathrine Herrem-Smith Osteopath and personal trainer

March motivation part two

Statistics show that the most common things to give up for lent are chocolate, swearing and alcohol. But this year, why not give up the excuses you keep making about getting your aches and pains sorted? If for the last 3 weeks you’ve been telling yourself that “it will be better in the morning”, yet the aches are going nowhere, then this is the time to get it sorted!
Giving up candy and fast food for lent is a valid sacrifice, but would you not benefit more from being pain free?

Personal fitness supplements

March motivation part one

We are well into the swing of 2015 now… How are you getting on with your new years resolutions? You might be falling into the category of ‘off with a bang’: Your routine of diet and training is well underway, and are now enjoying the results. However, you might unfortunately be in the other category of ‘grinding to a halt’. Are you struggling to get into your routine?

Christmas dinner table with food

Dealing with the Christmas Binge

At IPT Fitness we pride ourselves in creating a disciplined, results focused training environment, whilst still respecting our clients life outside of the gym. Over Christmas it is important to take a hard earned rest and some relaxing time with friends and family. However, with such progress made this year here are some tips on how to keep on the strict and narrow whilst still enjoying yourself this Christmas.

Winter exercise

Motivate your winter training mojo!

Being the first UK winter working as a full time personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells, it is impossible not to notice the quieter gym, subdued attitude, and grey skies outside from the gym floor dampening the usual booming training ethic. The sure sign of winter hit this week, with my huge white snow boots making not one, but two appearances this weekend. It is only weeks into the winter, and with numerous months to go, how do we rekindle the training excitement we saw in the hot summer days?

Mase Leuluniu cropped

Ten reasons why you are not proud to show off your body

Aimee Stevens, personal trainer at IPT Fitness in Tunbridge Wells, Kent gives her top ten reasons why clients fail to attain their desired physique. 1.YOU DO NOT HAVE A GOAL. When embarking on a change in your physique, it is important to set a clear measureable goal. How can you achieve your goal when you do not know what it is?