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Christmas dinner table with food

Dealing with the Christmas Binge

At IPT Fitness we pride ourselves in creating a disciplined, results focused training environment, whilst still respecting our clients life outside of the gym. Over Christmas it is important to take a hard earned rest and some relaxing time with friends and family. However, with such progress made this year here are some tips on how to keep on the strict and narrow whilst still enjoying yourself this Christmas.

Winter exercise

Motivate your winter training mojo!

Being the first UK winter working as a full time personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells, it is impossible not to notice the quieter gym, subdued attitude, and grey skies outside from the gym floor dampening the usual booming training ethic. The sure sign of winter hit this week, with my huge white snow boots making not one, but two appearances this weekend. It is only weeks into the winter, and with numerous months to go, how do we rekindle the training excitement we saw in the hot summer days?