Tunbridge Wells Bootcamp

Body composition bootcamp :

Monday – 1pm & 8pm
Wednesday – 10.30am
Friday – 10.30am
Saturday – 9am
Sunday – 8am

Start your weekend by boosting your metabolism at our specialist body composition bootcamp.

  • Burn up to 500 calories per session
  • Transform your body shape
  • Increase your fitness
  • Add variety to your training programme

Price : £10 per class, or £60 per month unlimited visits (includes one free Fit3D Scan per month)

Why choose IPT Fitness bootcamp

Our bootcamp typically includes a mixed circuit of resistance and cardiovascular exercises. Our bootcamp workouts are designed to work your whole body, transforming your body composition.

We pride ourselves on the ability to accommodate all ages and fitness levels, and have non-running options.

Booking & Payment

1 – All sessions are booked via MyPtHub (please email info@iptfitness.co.uk to create you an account if you do not yet have one)

2 – Go to packages, select ‘Bootcamp 5 Sessions (£50 = 50 credits). Please follow the online instructions

3 – Go to calendar (on the left column)

4 – You will see a tab on the top right of the screen saying ‘my calendar’. Click on this, then click ‘Trainer’

5. You should now see all the classes…. To book a class you, click on the class, then ‘book event’

6. Note – you can cancel/change the class up until 24 hours before.  Any cancellations now made prior to 24 hours will adhere to our personal training 24 notice cancellation period.


What if you wish to pay cash? – to help us with tracking, it is our preference for payments to be via this online system.  However, if you do prefer to pay cash, you will be able to purchase a £50 50 credit voucher from us. We will still create you a on MyPtHub, we will then ‘gift you your 50 credits (5 sessions).

How do you pay the £60 unlimited classes?  If you attend more than one session per week you will save money by enrolling in our £60 unlimited classes deal.  For this, follow the steps above but select ‘Bootcamp £60 monthly unlimited’. This will allow you to book onto as many classes as you require.  If you wish to cancel this at any point, you can do with via MyPtHub with no notice period.  We really will be planning the session around who is booked in, so please do remember to book in or cancel if you are enrolled in this special offer too.

Please email info@iptfitness.co.uk prior to attending first session.

Bootcamp in Tunbridge Wells

If you would like to contact us about any aspects of personal training please call us on 01892 888696 or click here