Youth Rugby Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Rugby specific personal training by Mase Leuluniu: professional rugby international (Wellington Lions NPC NC, Samoan Pacific RIM Cup) , assistant rugby coach, and fully qualified personal trainer (New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness).

  • Rugby specific strength and conditioning
  • Power, speed, and agility
  • Nutrition and training for position dependant muscular size
  • Pre-habilitation/rehabilitation exercises
  • Develop cardiovascular energy systems appropriate for the sport of rugby
  • Rugby skills training: tackling, passing, tips for forwards, field attacking, and defend body positions in contact

Be faster, stronger, more powerful and injury free for the rugby

Youth Strength & Conditioning

8.30am Saturdays 

Costs are £20 per session (in a block of 10 session package). Only 8 total spaces per class.

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Mase Leuluniu rugby international

“Train hard… there are no shortcuts to any place worth going”

IPT Senior Rugby Fitness Testimonials

Lee Campion

“I’ve been a semi-pro rugby player for 7 years and I’ve always trained lots and trained hard, but working with Aimee and Mase ensured I’m working smart. I’ve never worked so hard and I’m never bored, with the training and nutrition program tailored to me and my goals.
The work we do helps fix injury issues I have and reduces common muscle strains and tears. My PB’s are all up, I’m stronger, more powerful and can do all this for more reps and sets than I’d do previously. Better yet it’s mad a huge difference to my capabilities on the rugby field.
Nothing stops when you walk out the gym, both Aimee and Mase are always contactable whenever and however you need, not just in a practical sense but genuinely supportive.
I have commitments with rugby, but I also have two young children and a high pressure job. All the reasons I thought I had for not being able to reach my goals was down to lack of knowledge and know how, Aimee and Mase don’t just give you the materials, they give you the tools and techniques for managing the balance between your life and training.
I eat better, I train better and more important than anything, I have the most energy I’ve ever had. No more trying to fight the mid-afternoon crash, no more telling the children that Daddy’s too tired after work, I’ve never felt better.”

Andrew Burgess

”The difficulty for any athlete is to maintain a level of fitness out of season. When the previous rugby season finished I was prepared to do my usual routine which inevitably meant my fitness would drop for the beginning of the next season.
I was therefore very interested when I heard that IPT Fitness were offering a rugby orientated fitness programme. My own goals were to increase my strength, fitness and all round performance. With the help of Mase and Aimee, they not only helped me rehabilitate my reoccurring injuries, but set out my own diet plan and workout programme for my own individual needs. From this, I can now lift more, run faster for longer before I fatigue and generally feel like I have more energy left over at the end.
The results from my strength and fitness tests have shown I am now both stronger and fitter. I have been training for many years, but in less than 3 months under the guidance of IPT fitness, I am now in the best shape of my life.
IPT Fitness provides a fine balance of being attentive whilst at the same time implementing you with the motivation to achieve your goals. If you have any fitness related goals, I thoroughly recommend IPT Fitness.”
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