Nutri multi-vitamin tablets

Why take a multi-vitamin

We specifically recommend NUTRI multi vitamins, which are high quality, natural, and bioavailable. These men/women’s multivitamins are particularly fantastic as their formula uses targeted plant-based phytochemicals to suit gender specific health and hormonal needs.

Mens multi-vitamin pills

Six essentials for strength, vitality, wellness and body composition

Here at IPT we are proud to motivate our clients to be disciplined in the kitchen and graft hard in the gym in order to achieve their desired physique. However, particularly in the UK it is near to impossible to get all the nutrients and minerals required for optimal health and performance. Here are some useful pointers on why we view the following nutrients essential for your strength, vitality, wellness, and body composition goals.

Protein rich meal of meat

Protein… Are you getting your daily hit?

The power of protein’ for a lean physique is widely recommended by sports nutritionists and personal trainers. Some doctors and nutritionalists suggest rather minimal daily reccommended targets for protein, however left undisputed is the value of protein for health, repair, immunity, and of course leanness.