Fibre – Are you getting enough?

Fibre is hugely beneficial when it comes to health. The main health benefits include preventing constipation, reducing the risk of disease such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and bowel cancer. Fibre also increases the good bacteria in your gut, & potentially could be vital in your goal of fat loss due to suppressing the appetite.

Government guidelines recommend a daily intake of 30g of fibre…. This is actually really difficult to hit. We love Purition shakes due to the high fibre content.

An example day of how you could hit 30g fibre:
– Breakfast : include almonds (<4g fibre)
– Snack : include Purition shake plus berries (<17k fibre)
– Lunch : include a sweet potato or an apple (< 4g fibre)
– Dinner : include chickpeas and broccoli (<5g fibre)