Why take a multi-vitamin

The food available to us is generally substandard, therefore a high quality multi-vitamin provides insurance that you are getting all the nutrition you require. A good multivitamin also supports detoxification as you lose fat, and from the harmful effects of stress.

We specifically recommend NUTRI multi vitamins, which are high quality, natural, and bioavailable. These men/women’s multivitamins are particularly fantastic as their formula uses targeted plant-based phytochemicals to suit gender specific health and hormonal needs.

Women’s Multi Essentials

Provides extra iodine and selenium for thyroid and antioxidant support and boron for bone health. In addition it provides broccoli, diindolylmethane (DIM) and pomegranate extract for hormone balance, antioxidant support and skin health.

Men’s Multi Essentials

Provides extra zinc and selenium and is iron free to specifically suit men’s unique nutritional requirements. In addition it provides phytosterols and lycopene for extra antioxidant, prostate and cardiovascular support.

Nutri multi-vitamin tablets