Six essentials for strength, vitality, wellness and body composition

Here at IPT we are proud to motivate our clients to be disciplined in the kitchen and graft hard in the gym in order to achieve their desired physique.  However, particularly in the UK it is near to impossible to get all the nutrients and minerals required for optimal health and performance.  Here are some useful pointers on why we view the following nutrients essential  for your strength, vitality, wellness, and body composition goals.

Magnesium is essential for….

Muscle contraction
Insulin and blood sugar regulation
Protein synthesis
Stress management
Optimise Sleep

Vitamin D3 is essential for…

Everything ; all diseases and health issues show association with poor D3 levels
Bone health
Lean mass gains
Blood sugar regulation
Immune support
Psychological health
Autoimmune diseases…. The list goes on

Probiotics are essential for…

A healthy gut, combat and excrete toxins and pathogens
Relieve digestive distress
Fat loss, particularly belly fat

B Vitamins are essential for…

Energy levels
Hormone regulation
Immunity and disease
Digestive health

Fish oil is essential for…

Everything ; Omega 3 fish oil has positive benefits on every cell in your body. As with vitamin D3, all diseases benefit from increased omega 3 in the body
Fat burning
Lean mass gains
Mental focus
Insulin sensitivity

Zinc is essential for…

Insulin sensitivity
Protein synthesis
Injury prevention
Womens multi-vitamins
Mens multi-vitamin pills