Supplement Facts : Magnesium

We recommend magnesium to almost all our clients… Why? Because the majority of trainees when they first come to see us are stressed, lacking in sleep, and over consuming caffeine or sugar…  A recipe for magnesium depletion.  We obviously advise our clients of the importance of addressing these issues, but then we recommend another thing which can further effect magnesium depletion…. Exercise!

Magnesium has so many benefits, the most relevant to our clients includes muscle contraction (if you are cramping or twitching you definitely should look into increasing your magnesium intake!), sleep, stress, increased energy, female hormone balance….The list goes on.

As with all supplements, if you are going to bother to take them – do it right.  No cost cutting with supermarket options.  Our favourite is Nutri Advanced Magnesium Glycinate