Is your training motivation slipping?

We are well into the swing of 2015 now… How are you getting on with your new years resolutions? You might be falling into the category of ‘off with a bang’: Your routine of diet and training is well underway, and are now enjoying the results. However, you might unfortunately be in the other category of ‘grinding to a halt’. Are you struggling to get into your routine? Saying to yourself ‘mañana mañana’ – i’ll start tomorrow?’? Tomorrow turns into yesterday, it is now nearly a quarter of a way into 2015 and your pants are not getting any looser… What can you do?


Communicate any issues you are having to your trainer. It is our job to motivate you, give you focus, and help you counteract and issues you are having.

Goal setting

Again and again this is mentioned, and is so important to give your training focus, and keep you on the wagon! Your goal can be from anything as specific and structured as lose 2% body fat in four weeks, or as general as attending all your training sessions for the rest of the month.

Try something new

Variety is the spice of life after all. Have you been to our bootcamp? Boxing? Have you a friend who is interested in training? – Bring them along to your PT session.

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