Exercise Library : Plank Pull-Through

Exercise library with one of Mase’s favourite exercises… The plank pull-through!⁠

The plank pull-through is a great method of mixing up your regulars planks in order to add variety to your training programme, and challenge your core.⁠

1. Select a moderately light dumbell, and place on the floor to one side. ⁠
2. Hold a prone body position on the floor, ensure a neutral pelvis (draw navel into spine), with hands on the floor.⁠
3. Keep a strong upper body posture with shoulders back and engaged.⁠
4. To increase difficulty, narrow your stance.⁠
5. Engage the core, and reach and pull the dumbell across the body leading with the back of your hand.⁠
6. Keep the pelvic as still as you can – no rocking!⁠