Working mum of two Emily sculpts & tones on our 5 week to fat loss project

Body fat loss = 4.2%, Waist reduction = 4.2cm, Hips reduction = 3.2cm, Weight loss = 2.4kg,

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Here is what Emily had to say about IPT Fitness

I embarked upon the ‘Five Weeks to Fat Loss’ transformation programme with IPT Fitness in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally tone up. What I achieved with Aimee, Mase and the IPT Fitness team’s help was far more than this!

In just 5 weeks I have lost 4.2% body fat, 2.4kg of weight, 4.2cm from my waist, 3.2cm from my hips and am fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been. Amazing!

With Aimee’s advice, I have learnt that healthy nutrition and knowing what that means is vital to achieving a lean and healthy body. Aimee has taught me to read the nutritional values on food labels correctly, fully understand the purpose of each food group and introduce healthier things into my diet. She has taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. The IPT Fitness recipe book has provided me with lots of delicious recipes and following their plan I never feel hungry, which is an essential factor in my motivation to persevere with healthy eating! The IPT Fitness team are always willing to share their expert knowledge and answer any questions you have, at any time.

During bootcamp sessions, the amazing IPT Fitness team challenged, motivated and stretched me, but not to the point it made the experience unpleasant, in fact it is the opposite, I loved the sessions and really looked forward to each one. Everyone is just so friendly and supportive! If I ever felt like I couldn’t do something I was never allowed to give in, it was broken down to help me manage it with a clear focus on the correct form, which always meant that I achieved more than I thought possible.  The IPT Fitness team are extremely knowledgeable and personable meaning I always trusted and valued their guidance to drive me forward.

As a consequence of my sessions with Aimee, Mase and the IPT Fitness team, I feel fabulous and, for the first time, have a balanced approach to food and fitness.

I cannot recommend the IPT Fitness team highly enough and will be continuing to work with them. I look forward to seeing what I can achieve in the next 5 weeks and beyond! Thank you so much IPT Fitness.