IPT Fitness client Rory shreds, losing over 4% body fat whilst gaining muscle in 5 weeks

5 Week to fat loss results:

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Here is what Rory had to say about our 5 week programme and IPT Fitness:

The IPT Fitness 5 week fat loss project has been a real eye opener for me. Beforehand I would have said I had a decent fitness level; however, the boot camp sessions, the planned diets and the recommended external gym sessions have really seen me make vast steps forward which I’m over the moon with.

Body fat percentage has decreased, lean muscle mass has gone up and both my muscular endurance and strength has improved. The programme can give you huge steps forward if your willing to put your effort into it.

The sessions increased in intensity throughout and you always felt like Aimee, Mase, Sophie and Piotr were there to push you along and keep you keen. I found the sessions varied and also great for use in your own workouts at home/gym. I was lucky enough to have a few one to one sessions by luck and they really try and tailor the sessions to your personal aims for improvement. 

The diet was the biggest eye opener. Usually eating a carb heavy and rich food diet due to running a lot and having labour intensive work I thought I would really struggle. Again the diet provided enough energy and variation to keep me interested in it and able to work and train at least once a day. This has been the biggest lesson I have taken from the programme and will definitely take with me into future training. 

Ultimately would I recommend IPT Fitness? Of course! I think it’s a really versatile programme that can suit people that are looking to simply loose some weight and start getting into fitness as well as those that are physically fit already but want to add that real edge to their training and progress.