Phenomenally fit in your fifties part 1: The Wife, losing 6 inches off her waist

Client Wendy fitness transformation

How we did it

There is only one word to describe Wendy regarding her progress in the gym – phenomenal.  Irrespective of age, Wendy is one of the fittest, strongest, (smallest!), and most determined clients I have ever had the pleasure of training!

Wendy completes one weekly buddy training session with her husband Richard, along with adhering to her monthly updated independent training programme and nutrition plan.

Whether it’s full chin ups, deadlifting near double body weight, or experimenting with the toughest of nutrition plans, Wendy just gets the job done, and in 4 years has not complained or moaned once – this alone deserves an award!

PS Apologies for the quality of the first photo – taken with one of the original iphones!

Baseline Now
58kg weight 53kgs weight
22.93% body fat* 16.06% body fat*
29 inch waist 26.5 inch waist
36.2 inch widest waist 30 inch widest waist

*7 site skinfold caliper testing

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Here is what Wendy had to say about training with IPT Fitness:

“Meeting Aimee at our local gym a few years ago was a stroke of luck! I had recently joined with my husband but wasn’t really confident enough to make good use of the machines and so only attended classes.  I was of the opinion that I didn’t want to get too muscular by using weights. How wrong was I!
Signing up with Aimee has brought me to where I am today – and how grateful I am. She listened to my aims and set me achievable goals. I now amaze myself and my sons with the weights that I lift and the change in my body shape. The pressure (in a good way!) from Aimee to improve my measurements worked well for me and made me determined to follow both the food and the exercise routines. There were lapses in both of course but Aimee was so encouraging that I was soon back on track.
I now look forward to my gym sessions and have no intention of slipping back, thank you to Aimee and Mase for their continued encouragement and support.”