Phenomenally fit in your fifties part 2: The Husband

Client Richard fitness transformation

How we did it

Richard has transformed, and more importantly, maintained, a shred of losing over 10% body fat.  Being a fifty something city worker, he puts trainees of 10+ years younger to him to shame when it comes to energy and compliance in training.  Richard works hard in and out the gym, and never uses excuses for the odd niggle or injury he might have, he just gets on with it and gets the job done.

Richard completes one weekly buddy training session with his wife Wendy, along with adhering to his monthly updated independent training programme in his own gym and nutrition plan.

PS Apologies for the quality of the first photo – taken with one of the original iphones!

81kg weight71kgs weight
21.1% body fat*10.8% body fat*
36 inch waist32.5 inch waist

*9 site skinfold caliper testing

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Here is what Richard had to say about training with IPT Fitness:

“When we began our training with IPT Fitness we could never have imagined reaching this level of fitness but thanks to Aimee’s focus on our individual needs and goals we are delighted with the outcome.

On top of the tailored training programmes that Aimee provides each month we have learnt so much about our own body and the need to eat the right foods – this has been the key I think to our results. Of course it hasn’t always been easy, but Aimee has always supported us through the occasional lapse – and once the results start to come through it becomes progressively easier to stick with it.

So a huge thank you to IPT Fitness –  and a fully deserved recommendation to anyone that wants to improve their fitness levels – get in touch with IPT Fitness”