IPT Fitness client loses 15% body fat & 17cm off her waist!

Client Kylie fitness transformation

How we did it

Kylie has had one of the most radical physical transformations we have seen to date at IPT Fitness.  Kylie has grafted away in her weekly buddy personal training sessions and bootcamps with her equally hard working husband Mike (transformation to follow).  Training comes naturally to Kylie, and over the last year the she has shown the dedication and interest to her health and nutrition and is looking positively radiant as a result.  On a personal note, Kylie works so hard, and is so upbeat and friendly, she is always the first to introduce herself to new client, we feel extremely lucky to have her on team IPT!

81kg weight69kg weight
34.36% body fat*18.93% body fat*
86cm waist narrow69.5cm waist narrow
96cm waist navel height79.25cm waist navel height
110.7cm hips99.75cm hips

*7 site skinfold caliper testing

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Here is what Kylie had to say about training with IPT Fitness:

“I wanted to get healthy again, so my husband and I embarked on a programme with IPT fitness. We can’t thank them enough, as they have helped us to achieve our goals as well as transform our approach to training and nutrition.

I’d never trained with a personal trainer before and I’m amazed at the difference it has made. Mase is a brilliant trainer, designing challenging but rewarding sessions that we look forward to every week. I’ve learnt so much about training with weights and the guidance and motivation has been invaluable. Where before I shied away from the weights section of our local gym, now it’s my first port of call! Our journey has really been about consistency, both with exercise and very importantly nutrition, as they say ‘it is not a sprint but a marathon’.

The nutrition advice from Aimee has been fantastic and given us a completely new insight into food. Our diet has changed significantly but through manageable steps to ensure it is a change for life. I now feel like a new person with so much more energy and confidence. I would not have been able to achieve this without the support and encouragement from Mase and Aimee – a huge thank you!”