IPT Fitness client Matt loses 3% body fat on our 5 weeks to fat loss programme

Body fat % loss = 3%, body fat weight loss 2.7kgs, waist measurement reduction = 3.5cm

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Here is what Matt had to say about our 5 weeks to fat loss programme:

‘Over the previous few months I’d fallen into the habit of eating lots of processed food and exercising inconsistently. The bootcamp seemed like a good opportunity to put my health and wellbeing at the top of the pile again and focus on having a healthy mind and a healthy body. The diet was a big change for me but it was fascinating to actually see the the impact that different types of food have on your body. With both this new diet and the HIIT training regime in full swing the changes started to happen quickly.

After 4 weeks my body fat had fallen by 3% and at the same time my muscle mass had increased. I was feeling healthier, had far more energy and no longer got home in the evening feeling like I was ready for bed.

The IPT Fitness 5 week project has been a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience. The whole process has taught me a lot about food, the human body and training. It’s also reminded me about the importance of looking after yourself and what a huge impact that can have on your mood, your happiness and the way you engage with others around you. A great experience and thoroughly recommended.’