IPT Fitness client Cheryl transforms, losing 8kgs on our 5 weeks 2 fat loss programme

Weight loss = 8kg (1 1/4 stone), body fat loss = 5.3%, waist reduction = 8.5cm

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Here is what Cheryl had to say about training with IPT Fitness

I can’t recommend IPT Fitness enough. The 5week programme they offered was just what I needed to kick start a well overdue health and fitness overhaul.

Overall I lost 1 & 1/4 stone, 5.3% body fat, and reduced my waist by 8.5cm!

The 360 3D scanner at the gym was an added incentive in the programme, as it gave you all the stats of your measurements/weight etc and updates throughout the process to provide goals to work to. Aimee and Mase are very welcoming and encouraging as well as putting you through your paces and providing you with the tools to improve your overall health and fitness levels. The nutrition advice from Aimee was invaluable and has changed my mindset for the better, as well as the weight loss achieved. Also the group sessions made the exercise more fun and along with advice for remote exercises was a winning combination to achieving my personal goal and losing weight above my expectations.