IPT Fitness client Paul physically transforms & rehabilitates injuries

Personal training results

How we did it

IPT fitness client Paul has beyond excelled over the last 8 months in his training, nutrition, and rehabilitation programme.

Paul has consistently attended 1 x weekly 60 minutes personal training session at IPT Fitness in Eridge Green.  The remainder of Paul’s training took place at his local gym, following IPT Fitness training programmes. Paul completed periodical body fat tests and nutrition updates to achieve his body composition transformation resulting in him losing a stone of body fat and dramatically changing his body shape and definition.

Baseline Now
86kg weight 80kgs weight
17.2% body fat* 10.59% body fat*

*9 site skinfold caliper testing

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Here is what Paul had to say about training with IPT Fitness:

I started training at IPT Fitness in January 2018 after they were recommended to me by friends.

I had recently broken my foot while out running so needed an alternative to my normal fitness regime and due to my injury, I could not continue my training with BMF (British Military Fitness) boot camp in Maidstone.

Running was not possible around this stage and I was looking at getting my weight down from 14.5 stone to around 12.5 -13 stone, as well as reducing my body fat. So, IPT Fitness personal trainer Mase suggested that we take a closer look at my diet. I soon realised after logging my food intake, that although one half of my diet was pretty good, the other side of my diet was not so good. For example, way too many carbs, too much sugar and too much alcohol. So, I decided to take IPT’s advice and make some changes. I reduced my carbs down to a more realistic level, cut out as many high sugar foods as possible and reduced my alcohol consumption. And ‘hey presto!’ the weight started to fall off quite rapidly and my body fat also started to drop.

Training with Mase at IPT Fitness has been fantastic as he sets me up with great training programs – tailored to my needs. I train with Mase on a one to one basis once a week, in the IPT Fitness gym and the rest of my training is done in my own time at my local gym.

Now I’m eating a better diet, my weight is where I want it and my body fat is just above 10.5% – down from 17.6% – and is still dropping slowly.

After eight months of training at IPT Fitness, I can see from the photos and the figures that it has definitely worked for me.
I am also back at BMF and running now that my foot has recovered.
Additionally, training With Mase has made a big difference to my overall fitness. I am able to run quicker and I recover much faster now than I did before, especially at BMF.

Correct training is important but the one major thing I have learned is getting your diet right. You cannot out train a bad diet that’s for sure.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aimee and Mase at IPT Fitness to friends and family as it has worked very well for me.