IPT Fitness Client Anthony ‘Best Shape of His Life’

Here is what Anthony had to say about IPT Fitness:

I’ve been training with IPT for just over a year now and they have revolutionised the way I train. As a business owner I’d always struggle to prioritise my health and fitness, but by booking it into my diary it means I actually get down to the gym, rather than promising myself I’d go tomorrow.

IPT Fitness have a great team that take a scientific approach to diet and fitness, my diet is managed and training is always varied and progressive. During that time, they have designed training programs to build muscle, help me recover from a car crash and sculpt and tone my body, which means that at nearly 40 I’m in the best shape of my life.

They have a fantastic gym which is unequalled in this part of the country and their focus on tailoring training to clients needs makes it a unique facility. It’s never easy, but Mase and Aimee ensure that training is never boring and if you’re willing to put in the effort, they’ll deliver the results.

Weight76 kgs78 kgs
Body fat %*16.18%13.69%
Lean Mass63.70 kgs67.32 kgs
Anthony - male fitness transformation

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