Client Testimonial


Aimee was recommended to me by a work colleague a couple of years ago as I wanted to lose some weight and get fitter. I had always thought I wouldn’t be able to find a way to exercise that worked for me as I had had both knees operated on after a motorbike accident, and I suffered from bulging lumbar vertebrae which caused me lower back pain. Since the motorbike accident I hadn’t been able to run due to knee pain, and for many years stairs were difficult and I walked with a stick. I also had a crush injury to my left hand which meant my grip was poor.

Training with Aimee was inspirational, she always made me feel that I could do everything and I quickly started to see results due to the combination of physical training and nutritional support. Among the biggest benefits were a reduction in body fat from 24% to 17.5%, feeling toned and energetic, more stability in my knees, less back pain and a general renewed interest in exercise and it’s benefits.

Last year I entered the London Marathon ballot as I felt that if I felt I couldn’t run, then a marathon would be a good challenge! So I got my place for London last October, and started a training programme running alongside my gym sessions which were now tailored to support my running. I ran the London marathon last month, which was great fun, and I’ve loved running so much I’ve entered an Ultra Marathon this month! I now run about 25-35 miles every week, and still train at the gym twice a week, I’ve stayed injury free throughout my training due to careful planning and structured sessions and would highly recommend IPT and Aimee to anyone who really wants to see results.

Client Debra running the Marathon