IPT Fitness client Tom builds 7kg of muscle in 6 months

Tom D personal fitness transformation

How we did it

IPT fitness client Tom has experienced exceptional results in 6 months, results you would normally expect to see in 1-2 years.  Tom has worked with IPT Fitness trainer Josh Watton twice weekly for half hour one on one sessions to build over a stone of pure muscle. Tom also followed nutritional advice for muscle gain from IPT Fitness, as well as attending tuesday evening bootcamp sessions with Josh.

Tom is definitely one to watch… he is blessed with an athletic physique and his work ethic and interest in training and nutrition is a winning combination.  Tom, thank you for choosing IPT Fitness and allowing us to help you achieve this incredible physique!   Looking forward to seeing you continue to progress.

Lean mass58.16kgs65.01kgs
Body fat %*11.88%11.55%
Bicep flexed12.3 inches14 inches
Bicep relaxed11.8 inches13.1 inches
Thigh20.8 inches23.2 inches
Calf15 inches15.7 inches
Chest35 inches37.5 inches

*9 site skinfold caliper testing

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Here is what Tom had to say about training with IPT Fitness:

“My main goals were to increase my muscle mass, strength and all round fitness performance. With the help of my expert trainer, josh, I have been able to accomplish this with fantastic results.  Not only did I get a workout programme but also a highly detailed nutrition advice both from Josh and Aimee.

The workout programme itself was tailored specifically for me, taking into account any previous training I had done and what technique would benefit me the most and show the best results. My current programme switches between high weight/low reps and slightly lighter weight but focused more on muscle tension and control which I believe has resulted in such good results.

The training facility’s themselves are fantastic, always kept in a clean and tidy condition. While training the only other people I would see in the gym was Aimee or Mase, making each training sessions completely private.

A huge thank you to IPT Fitness! I would recommend anyone that wants to improve their overall fitness or have specific goals and want to see results quickly.”