IPT Fitness client Jennie loses an epic 50kgs (near 8 stone) and 18 inches off her waist!!!

Client Jennys personal fitness transformation

How we did it

I have been in the industry just short of 10 years and have personally trained hundreds of clients, and through working in numerous gyms across 3 continents I have literally come across thousands. I have never met anyone like Jennie. What she has achieved over the last 18 months and the effort she has gone to in an entirely different league .

It’s hard to believe how Jennie has transformed, not only in her epic weight loss of nearly 8 stone, but her fitness, strength, and confidence. At the start of her personal training journey, Jennie hired me to personally train her during the group bootcamp session… Well, now Jennie is one of the fittest and strongest in the bootcamp. Having taken a year off PT when I had my son, I could not believe the strength and stamina on this girl (who could barely perform a small step up just over a year ago!) – and I am not easy to impress!

Jennie is a perfectionist in the kitchen and a natural with the weights, this has been her winning formula. Jennie gives absolutely everything in all of her sessions, whether PT, boxing, or bootcamp. I have never seen anyone push them self so hard in training, we literally have to hold her back! I struggle to comprehend what Jennie is going through with her weekly treatments, and for this I would like to personally thank her for putting everything into perspective, not to moan about the little things, and most of all for being an inspiration to all of our clients and proving that anything really is possible

Baseline Now
Weight 127kg 77kg
Waist navel height 53 inches 35 inches
Hips 56 inches 41.5 inches
Tricep skinfold 49mm 18.2mm
Body fat % 40+ % 19%

*7 site skinfold caliper testing

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Here is what Jennie had to say about training with IPT Fitness:

“Waking up one morning to the horrible realisation that I am 31 years old, weighing a ridiculous 127kg, in size 24 clothes, and suffering with chronic lower back pain, and as some of you will already know I have been undergoing Chemotherapy treatment once a week for the last nine years.  So upon my best friend’s recommendation (who was also a Ipt client at the time) I adopted my personal trainers……

Aimee & Mase, who have been my support, my mentors and my friends for the last year and a half.  They did not judge me, but instead has offered me the support, encouragement and provided me with the knowledge I needed to turn my life around.”

I train twice a week with Mase and also take part in a group circuit training session on a Tuesday and Saturday and also boxing with Tom on a Sunday,  Aimee provides me weekly with a detailed nutritional plan tailored specifically for me, that she monitors, explains and adjusts accordingly when required, she also records my weight and measurements.   I really enjoy my training sessions with Mase, it’s incredibly challenging but Mase makes it fun and gets mind blowing results by setting me tough but ultimately achievable goals, making me feel like a total winner when I hit my targets.

With Aimee and Mase’s guidance and training I have lost 50kgs and dropped an astonishing 6 clothes sizes, I feel stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever been in my entire life, my back pain is now minimal, I have so much more energy, and a new found level of self confidence, my family and friends are astounded by the physical and mental changes that they have witnessed in me and it’s all thanks to Ipt’s never-ending encouragement that has inspired me to work hard and keep going!

So finally I am struggling to find words big and meaningful enough to express my gratitude to them, so all I can say to Aimee, Mase, Tom Barry, and Tom McMahon is “Thank you all so very much, you’ve changed my life more than you’ll ever know.”

Jennie Reynolds-Fail.