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For men and women aged 18-59 seeking fat loss in Tunbridge Wells area. A 5 week transformation project from UK leading personal training company IPT Fitness. IPT Fitness programme ‘5 Week Fitness Project’ combines nutrition, personal training, bootcamp, and the Fit3D Body Scanner.



Cheryl, 40’s, lost 8kgs, 5.3% body fat, and 8.5cm off her waist!

Overall I lost lost 1 & 1/4 stone, 5.3% body fat, and reduced my waist by 8.5cm!  The 360 3D scanner at the gym was an added incentive in the programme, as it gave you all the stats of your measurements/weight etc and updates throughout the process to provide goals to work to.



Rory, 20’s, lost 4.2% body fat, 2.4kgs, and gained muscle!

Body fat percentage has decreased, lean muscle mass has gone up and both my muscular endurance and strength has improved. The boot camp sessions, the planned diets and the recommended external gym sessions have really seen me make vast steps forward which I’m over the moon with.



Emily, 30’s, lost 4.2% body fat, 2.5kgs, & 4.2cm off her waist!

The IPT Fitness recipe book has provided me with lots of delicious recipes and following their plan I never feel hungry, which is an essential factor in my motivation to persevere with healthy eating! In just 5 weeks I have lost 4.2% body fat, 2.4kg of weight, 4.2cm from my waist, 3.2cm from my hips and am fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been. Amazing!


Matt, 30s, lost 3% body fat & 4.5cm off his waist, and gained muscle!

Over the previous few months I’d fallen into the habit of eating lots of processed food and exercising inconsistently. The diet was a big change for me but it was fascinating to actually see the the impact that different types of food have on your body. After 4 weeks my body fat had fallen by 3% and at the same time my muscle mass had increased.

We have just 10 spots available per month on our transformation package. Book now to avoid disappointment.