IPT Client comes third in Miami Pro Fitness Competition

Phil Smith personal transformation

How we did it

Another gob smacking transformation client. He has chiseled his way down below 4% body fat, and has definitely earned his place in the muscle model category at Miami pro in under two weeks.
Well done for this transformation, the picture speaks for itself it is actually unbelievable! Well done again we have absolutely loved working with you and seeing you transform. Good luck in the comp we secretly think you’ll win.
Baseline Now
103kgs weight 93.8kgs weight
87.6kgs lean mass 90.8kgs lean mass
14.8% body fat* 3.2% body fat *

*12 site biosignature body fat testing

Here is what our client had to say about training with IPT:

“I have been training with IPT fitness for around 6 months now. Prior to training with IPT I have been weight training and learning as I lift for around 8 years. It’s fair to say that my goals have been weight gain up till now.
I set myself a goal of competing in a men’s physique show and booked a place with a year to go. I had some work to do gaining mass on my legs and 6 months in I hadn’t made any progress. That’s when I turned to IPT. I have made consistent lean mass gains for 6 months as well as dropping body fat at the same time. I have put on an inch on my thighs despite the fat loss.
Although I am dedicated to my diet which you need to be, Aimee has been great at monitoring my progress and tweaking where needed. I can highly recommend IPT fitness and do regularly, I’m an advocate for their training method and appreciate they listen to my feedback and tweak when I request certain things as it makes it manageable and sustainable.
Thank you for your help guys.”

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