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How we did it

IPT Fitness have had the pleasure of working with husband and wife team Matt and Becky over the past 6 months, and we are delighted to share the awesome results they have worked towards.
Despite a heavy work schedule for both Becky and Matt, and living an hour away from IPT Fitness, they made the commitment of attending weekly sessions and completing home workouts, along with our expert nutrition advice.
The results speak for themselves – well done Matt for all your hard work here. Becky’s results are to follow, and we think you make a super-fit couple!
Baseline Now
81.2kg weight 81kg weight
19% body fat* 12% body fat*
65.8kg lean mass 69kg lean mass

*12 site skinfold caliper testing

Here is what Matt had to say about training with IPT Fitness:

“I have always seen myself as someone who was quite fit and healthy, playing football 2-3 times a week and generally eating well, however I never seemed to be able to lose the excess weight that I carried. I joined IPT Fitness just over 6 months ago and have been amazed with the results.
When I started I weighed 81.2kg, 65.8kg of muscle, and had a body fat percentage of 19%. Since training with Mase, and working with Aimee on my diet, I have increased my muscle by over 3 kgs to 69kg, and dropped to 12% body fat, and have also lost 4 inches off my waist measurement.
Working with Mase is brilliant: his enthusiasm and passion really helped me push to achieve my targets; and his knowledge and constant advice ensured that my goals were met. I have PT once a week with Mase, but he has developed me a training programme to complete at home, constantly changing and adapting the sessions so that I make the best progress. This, combined with Aimee’s fantastic dietary and nutrition advice, has really delivered fast results!
I would highly recommend Mase and IPT Fitness, and am myself looking forward to progressing even further in the coming months.”

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