IPT Fitness congratulates client Caroline on entering WBFF Bikini competition after only one year of weight training.

Here is what Caroline had to say about IPT Fitness:

I’ve been training with IPT fitness since May 2013 and I’m so pleased with my progress, as I’ve seen a massive difference in my physique over the last few months. I have dropped from 14.9% bodyfat to now just under 8% in 4 months.
It’s down to consistent training and the diet plan they’ve had me on. Each month my training and diet was tweaked, depending on how I was doing.
Recently after signing up to wbff diva bikini competition in November they have been monitoring me weekly so we can keep an eye on my diet and muscle mass to make sure I’m on track for my competition.
 Prior to training with IPT I had been doing crossfit and just general weight training at the gym but nothing serious. Now I’m loving my weight/strength training.
 Thanks you got all your hard work.”
Baseline Now
58.8kgs 54kgs
14.9% body fat* 7.1% body fat*

*12 site biosignature body fat testing

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