Busy female city worker sheds 15% body fat!

Helen Cheeseworth personal transformation

How we did it

IPT fitness client Helen Cheeseworth has rapidly transformed her figure over the last 5 months.  In fact, she has changed so much she is unrecognisable from her before photograph!

Helen has been completely driven during her time at IPT Fitness. Helen simply took all information on board and buckled down, and now has this amazing transformation as a mark of her hard work; one of our best female transformations to date.  Helen has attended 3x 60 minute personal training session weekly, as well as the saturday bootcamp… Not to mention working full time in the city and also looking after and competing her beloved horse Henry!

Helen, you are an excellent role model for all females young and old, you are walking proof of ‘you get out what you put in’.

Baseline Now
72kg weight 62kgs weight
37.14% body fat* 22.29% body fat*
45.26kg lean mass 48.18kg lean mass

*7 site skinfold caliper testing

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Here is what Helen had to say about training with IPT Fitness:

“I have been training on and off for a number of years, most of the time with a personal trainer. But I never felt I was making the progress the time, effort and money warranted until I started training with IPT.

Mase is a fantastic personal trainer, knowing exactly how hard to push you so you feel like you are working hard (very hard!) but everything is still achievable. I have never before made such fantastic progress.

The nutritional support from Aimee has been a massive help. Previously I was always just been given vague advice about what to eat, but to be given such detailed guidance from Aimee has been a breath of fresh air.

This attention to detail is what sets IPT apart from other gyms. Everything is planned and organised and this is exactly what I have been looking for for years but never found. I could never have made this progress without Mase and Aimee and am looking forward to seeing what comes next.”