Client Testimonial

Stuart Conlan

I hadn’t attended a gym on a regular basis for almost two years and decided that if I were to join, then having a personal trainer would help ensure that I actually attended. I was in need of discipline. I’d joined gyms in the past and after few months, I’d usually get bored, lose interest and drop out.

I also felt that a personal trainer would help me focus on what I wanted to achieve rather than it all being random and un-planned. I’d had a few health issues over the past few years which meant that these had to be taken into account. Discussing these issues with Aimee gave me confidence and reassurance that I wasn’t doing myself any damage.

After an initial chat with the head trainer when I joined the gym, we chose Aimee and I have been training with her for an hour a week for over six months now. I had initially signed up for a three month trial and after that period, I had no doubts about extending the sessions onto a rolling basis.

The PT sessions are enjoyable and I always feel like it’s time well spent. I attend the gym twice each week on my own and the session I have with Aimee always pushes me that little bit further and gives me confidence to try out exercises I wouldn’t do unless I had her with me like boxing; free weights and even the power plate! Aimee is tough and fair; she encourages well and also rewards with praise. When I’m on the verge of giving up and dreaming of having a lie down, Aimee is always able to squeeze out that extra bit of effort without resorting to becoming a National Service drill sergeant.

I think that Aimee’s post graduate studies have given her a deeper understanding of the practical application of sports science generally and I remember one session where she brought in a pressure measuring device from her University to try out on me. When I first started with Aimee, we discussed diet a lot too and she was able to suggest what I should and shouldn’t eat.

Aimee is always very cheerful and upbeat when we meet and she is full of life without being over bearing and off putting. We always have a laugh together and it’s just nice to have an hour of positive time.

I feel well on my way to achieving my fitness goals. I have certainly lost a decent amount of weight and have noticeably toned-up into the bargain. I feel better in myself and Aimee has instilled in me a more active interest in gym fitness and diet generally. I have a long way to go yet, but I do feel well established on the road to a better level of health and fitness all round.

I would recommend Aimee without a doubt. She is knowledgeable; dependable; good fun; understanding; she listens and suggests; she is fair but focused and takes a genuine interest in her clients. If my next PT trainer is only half as good….

Marketing Service Manager, 43.

Jon Mountjoy personal training

Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2009