Client Testimonial

Andy Hunter

Aimee is a very capable, person-centred individual with a mature outlook to life. With her help I have managed to through focused exercise, positively impact on many areas of my life in the time she has been my personal trainer. She is motivating and encouraging and has made me realise the importance of resistance and strength training as I get older.

Aimee is easy to get along with and always has a pleasant and friendly attitude, even at 6.30am in the morning. She is dedicated to her role as a personal trainer and takes the work very seriously, at the same time having the correct balance of personality to make the sessions fun and happening.

I will find it very sad to see Aimee leave Virgin active, but at the same time I do appreciate how important it is for her to spread her wings and get as much of a rounded experience as possible to help further a career that can only flourish. Where ever she goes I am certain she will become a dedicated asset to any new team.”

Director LifeCycle™, 52.

Jon Mountjoy personal training

Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2009