Client Testimonial

Catherine Fitch

Aimee has been my Personal Trainer for approximately 7/8 months, during that time we have been working on body toning, cardiovascular fitness and core strengthening. Throughout the time that Aimee has trained me she has been both professional and motivational. Each session is different, tackling all the focus areas. The variety keeps me motivated and interested. The session seems less like hard work and more fun because they are not repetitive.

My job is extremely stressful, no matter how hard the day has been Aimee always manages to motivate me. She has a wonderfully patient manner, sense of humour and lively personality. She always remains professional, but allows herself to warm to clients so you feel very much an individual.

The results speak for themselves – I am fitter, healthier and achieved weight loss.

On a personal note, I will be very sorry to lose Aimee as my trainer and hopes she does return back to the UK in the future. If she does, then I would most certainly return as her client.

If you need verbal or written confirmation for the above comments I would be more than happy.

Project Manager, 34.

personal training

Edinburgh, Scotland March 2009