IPT Fitness client Charlie Harding

Here is what Charlie had to say about IPT Fitness:

I started training with IPT 8 weeks ago, after reaching a deadspot with my training, which had caused me to become really unmotivated.  I have been training for 10 years, had hundreds of programmes, read magazine after magazine about getting into shape and can honestly say that none of this can compare to the programmes IPT put me on.

The main difference is that everything is complete subjective to meet your personal needs and requirements.  A goal of mine has always been to have a sub 10% body fat, training under IPT I achieved this in under 6 weeks where I lost a total of 6% body fat.

I gained 5kg of lean muscle in this time and saw an increase in both my strength and power, apart from the feel good factor this has really helped with my rugby.  I look forward to continuing to train with IPT and hope to see further improvements both on and off the field.”

15.6% body fat*9.4% body fat*
78.5kg lean mass83.6kg lean mass
93kg weight92.3kg weight

*12 site biosignature body fat testing

Charlie harding clinet transformation

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