Client Testimonial

Jonathan Bloomfield

For most of my adult life I have been active, whether running 10k’s or competing in triathlons. In recent years my job has required me to travel and I have found myself spending more time in hotel restaurants consuming calories instead of burning them off. Before I knew it, I was overweight and about to become a father for the first time. I really didn’t want to be a parent that couldn’t run around with his children, so this prompted me to get back in the gym. Although I managed to shed 5kg in the following 6 months, my gym routine hit a plateau and I was unable to shift the extra kilos.

I was recommended to International Personal Trainer by my brother-in-law who had trained with Aimee and Mase in preparation for the new rugby season and subsequently found himself in the best shape of his life. My story is similar in the fact that I have also found myself in the best shape of my life after losing (the extra!) 12 kilos and reducing my body fat from 20.8% to 11.6%.

Knowing that I can only train at lunchtimes during the week, Aimee has consistently created a fitness and diet plan that works for me. This plus her constant support via an encouraging email or giving feedback on my diet with hints and tips has really helped me achieve amazing results.

I absolutely recommend Aimee, just make sure you follow what she says and I can guarantee you’ll see great results!”

Business Analyst, Tunbridge Wells.

Jonathan Bloomfield personal training