Client Testimonial

Anna Warren

I signed up with Aimee as I needed some motivation and someone who would challenge me to make the most out of my time at the gym.

Aimee’s positive, enthusiastic approach made the sessions fun while being very professional and focused at the same time. Throughout the sessions Aimee would constantly be checking to make sure my technique was correct and encouraging me to push myself as much as possible, which was always well beyond what I thought my limits were!

In just five weeks I’ve made great progress with losing inches and gaining muscle tone, and thanks to Aimee’s advice on diet have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels and general well-being.

Aimee is an enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable trainer who is very effective and will ensure you get results fast – I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer.”

personal training

Wellington, New Zealand, July 2011