Client Testimonial

Atinirmal G. Pagarani

After a prolonged period of inactivity I engaged the services of Aimee Stevens as my personal trainer with Cityfitness in Wellington. I have attended gyms on and off for years and was impressed from the outset by Aimee’s knowledge as well as her friendly and enthusiastic demeanour. With her diet direction, one-on-one training and Kettlebell classes I have achieved much greater progress in my training goals than I have ever previously managed. I have reduced my weight from 108kg to 93kg and substantially increased my strength, muscular definition, and aerobic endurance.

In this time Aimee has always been willing to discuss the science behind training methods and make recommendations in regards to alternative training techniques. For someone like myself, who has researched and pursued a variety of different methods, this assistance in bringing everything together into a coherent whole has been invaluable.

I have found Aimee’s ability to pitch the intensity of her sessions to match the fitness levels of her clients to be greatly rewarding. Despite substantial improvements in fitness test results I still find her sessions as challenging as they were when I first started training with her.

Aimee has also impressed me with her ability to adjust her planned training for my occasional injuries and historical niggles and her use of a friendly yet firm approach to push me in sessions when my own motivation has been lacking.

I regret that my time training with Aimee has come to an end, but feel that thanks to her efforts I am now well prepared to return to training on my own with a much better understanding of what I need to do to meet my fitness goals. However, should the opportunity arise in the future, I would not hesitate to engage her services again.”

Business (self employed), 27.

Atinirmal G. Pagarani personal training

Dubai, UAE, October 2010