Client Testimonial

Rachel Olson

I have been training with Aimee Stevens for 13 weeks in total with a 2 week break in the middle. During this time I have seen more results with my fitness and strength than I have ever seen in my life. I began training with Aimee after I saw an advertisement for a 5-week training package she was offering through CityFitness gym in Johnsonville. I trialed the package and enjoyed it so much that I asked Aimee if I could continue to train with her following the same format as an ongoing thing.

Aimee has been extremely accommodating when fitting me into her schedule and has always made training schedules that have suited my needs. Aimee is extremely professional to deal with and she has been very consistent with communicating schedule changes and updates.

I have trained with Aimee using a range of different equipment. We have used kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, hand weights, body resistance exercises, and a range of cardio variations. Aimee always makes our sessions interesting by adding in activities such as boxing or by changing things up by training outside.

During the last 14 weeks I have also been involved in Aimee’s Kettlebell classes and have enjoyed them immensely. She has accommodated a range of fitness levels and abilities within these classes, and they have remained challenging and interesting for all parties.

Aimee has been very clear in her instructions and expectations during our training sessions and I have always felt safe and secure when under her guidance. She has kept kettlebell classes to a maximum of four clients at a time and has managed them with skill and caution.

Over the last ten weeks I have lost four kilograms of weight and had positive comments on my physical appearance on a regular basis. I have had increased energy and stamina and have improved my skills in running, snowboarding and surfing significantly. I recently entered a seven kilometre running event and had excellent results which I believe to be solely based on the training I have done with Aimee. I saw results very early on in my training programme with Aimee and as a result have continued to be motivated and excited about training with her.

I would recommend Aimee as a personal trainer to my friends and family and I have advocated on a regular basis the benefits of her kettlebell classes. Aimee is an extremely professional, dedicated and hardworking personal trainer and I would recommend her to anyone who desires fast and ongoing results through personal training.”

Teacher, 25.

Rachel Olson personal training

Wellington New Zealand, April 2010