Client Testimonial

Mary MacGookin

Aimee Stevens has been my personal fitness trainer (PT) for around a year. I decided to work with Aimee Stevens since I was impressed by her knowledge and understanding of the critical aspects of improving personal fitness and also of anatomy and physiology, gained through her successful degree courses.

I wanted someone with insight and an intelligent approach. As an overweight, middle-aged woman with recently diagnosed osteoarthritis in one hip, the right choice of trainer was absolutely critical in helping me to have an exercise programme at all, never mind one that I would sustain; it was also very important to me to have someone I could trust to take into account my limitations to develop interesting, motivating and enjoyable workout sessions which would build my confidence. I had reached a point where there was a real danger that I would not be able to exercise and even previous and precious activities that I had enjoyed, like walking and going to the gym, were being closed to me.

My goals were to achieve an increase in my fitness and strength, primarily, and to reduce my weight, if possible. I also wanted to achieve something of the sense of pleasure and well-being that I had enjoyed from exercising in the past, but not for a considerable time.

I could not have made a better choice. Aimee Stevens has a thoroughly professional attitude. She is absolutely reliable, plans ahead and prepares well. She gives thought, care and preparation to PT sessions. This means that I have benefited from the consideration and energy that she has given to my sessions. She also makes them enjoyable and motivating, which I have appreciated very much. I have looked forward to my sessions and I always feel better for having taken part.

Aimee is encouraging but demanding in sessions and successfully combines support and challenge so that I gained a sense of achievement and never felt uncomfortable or exposed in any way. Aimee ensured that I made improvements in strength and fitness. I have no doubt that these improvements, and also my better outlook as a result, prepared me well for a recent hip replacement operation. Aimee Stevens has an exceptionally good attitude and it is clear that she is valued by clients, men and women, with a wide range of fitness levels. I recommend Aimee Stevens as a Personal Fitness Trainer, wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Arts & Learning Manager, 58

personal training

Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2009