Client Testimonial

Karen Stewart

I trained with Aimee for just under a year and really got a lot out of that time. I had been a member of the gym for a few months and was primarily using the cv equipment (bike, treadmill and cross trainer). I wasn’t particularly motivated and wanted some variety in my routine and was interested in introducing weights so I booked an appointment with Aimee to set a programme.

I found Aimee to be really friendly and I felt at ease throughout the initial session. She asked me what my goals were and what areas I wanted to focus on and then set me a programme to target these areas through a mixture of cardio-vascular exercise and weights.

I then decided that personal training would give me added motivation and introduce me to a wider variety of exercise and signed up for twice weekly sessions with Aimee.

My aim was to tone rather than lose weight and I specifically wanted to target my arms and abdominal area. I was surprised and pleased that I began to see improvements after only a few sessions. The sessions were really varied and Aimee encouraged me to push myself and make the most of each session. I felt more confident going to the gym in my own time and using equipment that I previously would not have, especially the free weights.

Aimee introduced me to kettlebell training which was actually tougher than it looked but enjoyable and something I still do at the gym now. One thing I would like to continue with is boxing training as although it was extremely challenging it was also a lot of fun. ”

Accountant, 31.

personal training

Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2009