Client Testimonial

Alexandra Donkin

I have always been on the large side and like many constantly crash dieted and tried lots of things nothing I’d ever managed to maintain. My twin sister announced she was getting married and I knew it would be a nightmare day of constant photos and could hear my critical family in my head making comments. So I decided to join the gym. I hated gyms I went as little as I could and always at time when few people were around so I could hide in the corner. When I joined I had such a strict goal I decided to get a personal trainer. Aimee was introduced to me and immediately relaxed me and got me right into things that I had never done before. We only had a short time so we agreed on a target weight loss of two pounds a week. Aimee helped me pick a diet to assist my extra training that I could manage. I found the diet easy to fit into my life but Aimee always gave me extra advice and tips on what to do.

I worked with Aimee for an hour twice a week most weeks for three months and the results were amazing. I felt fitter and stronger than I had ever done and the best bit none of my clothes fitted. I also learned I liked the gym Aimee made our sessions so much fun and always had such a laugh that I wanted to go. Don’t get me wrong there were times when it was very hard but Aimee was always so motivated and focused on the end goal that she always found a way to keep me going.

So the final test came the wedding and all the critics were out in force and they were all amazed. I felt great. I could definitely not have achieved what I did without Aimee’s help and would recommend her to everyone. She is a very enthusiastic trainer who is very professional and knows what she is doing but at the same time makes it interesting and enjoyable.

I would like to say a big thank you to Aimee for all that she helped me to achieve.”

Nurse, 26.

personal training

Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2009