Client Testimonial

Jenny Wood

I’ve been a regular gym goer for about 5 years. I’d always gone with the intention of losing weight but had been unsuccessful. The only time I began to lose weight was when I started walking regularly outside of the gym so I had decided to give up my gym membership. When I was in the gym one afternoon I decided to do one of the floor sessions with Aimee. She put me on the weights machine and put the weight up so high I was pretty surprised. What surprised me even more was the fact that I could actually lift it. I asked Aimee about personal training and she explained how she liked to train clients. She seemed to really understand what she was talking about so I decided to give her a try as my personal trainer. I think this is the best decision regarding my health that I have ever made.

Since training with Aimee I have become stronger, fitter and faster than I have ever been in my life. The speeds I run on the treadmill I wouldn’t have even dreamed off a year ago and now they are a normal pace for me. The weights I’m lifting make the weight Aimee put the machines up to on that first meeting seem incredibly light. I’ve increased my weights but haven’t bulked up which seems to be the general fear as a female with weight lifting. I wouldn’t dream of giving up my gym membership now.

Throughout all the sessions Aimee has constantly listened to what I want to achieve and has adapted to suit my goals rather than giving the same programme to everyone. Not only has she given me fitness advice and guidance but she has also provided nutritional advice that has fundamentally changed the way I eat. As a result of these things I am healthier than I have ever been and have more energy, even after one of her training sessions. I’ve also managed to avoid all the usual bugs and colds that I used to pick up over the winter. I think this is mostly to do with the fact that I’m far healthier so my body can fight off things a lot easier. I’ve had Aimee as a trainer for about 9 months and will be incredibly sorry to lose her. She has been a fitness instructor, nutritionalist and friend. I would recommend Aimee as a personal trainer to anyone that is serious about choosing a healthy lifestyle.”

Project Manager, 31.

Jenny Wood personal training

Wellington, New Zealand, March 2010