Client Testimonial

Ruth Henry

I joined the City Fitness gym in July 2009 and have been a dedicated and keen member ever since. Aimee Stevens was assigned me for my first introductory lesson on the club’s programmes and amenities.

Once Aimee knew my goals, which included losing weight but were more about toning up and looking my best for a girlfriend’s wedding in three months time, she suggested I start on a programme of resistance training interspersed with aerobic sessions.

I knew after the first session of resistance training with Aimee that this was the correct exercise for me. After a week I felt as if was walking straighter and I had more energy. Being a teacher of primary aged children I need a lot of energy anyway so even more did not go amiss.

I made dramatic progress and I could see my body shape changing daily. I was delighted and I felt that Aimee was so focussed on me.

Aimee is passionate about her chosen profession. She immediately struck me as intelligent and highly motivated. She knows her stuff and was willing to give me information all the time. She gave me other avenues to explore and was always changing my programme and teaching me more. I looked forward to my sessions with her and although initially only signing up with her as my Personal Trainer for a month, in fact she was my personal trainer for six months. I have maintained my commitment to resistance training and classes because I enjoy them so much and daily reap the benefits of being strong and fit. I have successfully made a lifestyle change and I live with the proof of that every day.

Aimee’s other quality is her ability to get along with people, all sorts of people. Her interest in me as her client made me feel as if I was very special, and she was always discreet and respectful. She knows just how much to push her clients, who to have fun with and who to challenge. Aimee has a good head for business and will be an asset in any physical training institution/club she cares to be part of. She is a true professional, always wanting to learn more and giving herself challenges.

With Aimee’s guidance and training I have changed my body shape, feel and look better and constantly have friends compliment me on how good I look. I know I have been an inspiration to many of my friends and that can only be good, especially for women in my age demographic.

I wholehearted recommend Aimee Stevens as an excellent personal trainer and believe that she will be an asset to any gym she is associated with.

I wish Aimee the very best for the future and want to thank her for being such a catalyst for change in my life. It has been a pleasure to get to know her over the last nine months.

Teacher, 60.

Ruth henry personal training

Wellington, New Zealand, May 2010