Client Testimonial

Alan Constable

“I had been playing squash regularly and going to the gym for a number of years to maintain general fitness but without any real progress in terms of weight loss or building muscle and getting leaner. In fact over the course of 2015 I had gradually gained weight without really noticing until I couldn’t wear clothes that had previously been a good fit. I decided to go for some 1-2-1 training and dietary advice so searched the internet and found IPT Fitness were based close to home. To say I have been impressed with IPT Fitness is an understatement . . . the dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm shown by Aimee and Mase (and other trainers who I have seen working in their gym whilst I’ve been training with Mase) is outstanding. Yes, the training regime can be tough and you need to stick carefully to the diet plans but surely that’s the point of going for this type of 1-2-1 training . . . and the results speak for themselves. I’ve made significant gains in strength and lean muscle and significant reductions in body fat whilst also losing over a stone and a half in weight. I feel healthier, fitter, happier, more confident and can now get into a size and style of clothing that I had thought I wouldn’t see again. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone”

  Weight (kg) Body fat (%) Lean Mass (kgs) Waist (inches) Hips (inches)
Baseline  91.5 26.98% 66.81 43.3 44
Current 83.5 18.55% 68.01 38.8 42

Personal Training Client

Alan Constable fitness testimonial

Crowborough, 2016