Client Testimonial

Maisie Douch

“I have been training at IPT for over 3 years now and my growth as an individual has been very noticeable. Initially, I came to IPT with a lack of knowledge regarding my speed and agility and I needed expert knowledge in order to improve these components of my game because it was affecting my ability to become a better netball player. Soon it became apparent that with the nutritional help of Aimee and her continued commitment alongside Mase’s exceptional knowledge in this field, I could progress both in fitness and skill. I continued to challenge myself and as my ability and fitness improved so my aspirations and hopes for success in netball became stronger.

In June last year I took a knock back and missed out on trials for the London and South East Netball Regional Academy. This was a hard time as I knew I was not at the level I wanted to be at and my motivation was lacking. When Mase heard of my missed opportunity he saw it as good news and that the only way was up. He encouraged me to fight harder, and reminded me why I wanted to play netball. Over the summer we had frequent sessions which were agility and speed based, each week focussing on different areas of improvement. My transformation was phenomenal! Off the court it is clear to see how hard Mase and Aimee have worked me. I have lost over 13kg in weight but am stronger than I ever was before. I have become a faster, more agile player with more strength and explosive power than before. In September I was eager to show off my new skills and ended up being successful in joining The Surrey Storm Development Squad and not long after, in November, I was asked to trial for a place and was successful in joining the London and South East Netball Regional Academy: Something that did not seem possible a few months before; it is true that hard work pays off!

Mase and Aimee wrote me a personal programme and fitted it in at a time that would not interfere with my other netball commitments; also taking into consideration the pre-season, peak season and post season schedules so that I could gain maximum improvements. Throughout the summer Mase worked tirelessly with a variety of sessions which were both exciting and beneficial. He utilises the space at IPT, setting up circuits and using resistant bands which massively improve my explosive strength. The exercises he teaches me are above anything I have ever been taught and so the improvements come at a much faster rate; he continues to inspire me with new exercises and ideas and I never fail to ache the next morning!

Mase is an inspirational trainer and he has made me much more determined to succeed. The sessions are fun yet exhausting and every session I attend Mase puts 100% into it. I have gained knowledge in all aspects of my performance and improved my confidence. Now, when I take to the court, what was once a weakness in my performance is now my greatest strength.”

Aged 16, Youth Netball : Surrey Storm, London South East Regional Academy.

Masie Douch personal training

Tunbridge Wells, Kent, 2016