Client Testimonial

Jamie Owen

“I am an amateur rugby player who went to IPT fitness following multiple surgeries on my hips. My goals were to correctly rehabilitate weaknesses in my lower body as well as put on some muscle in time for the new rugby season. I achieved noticeable improvements in both these goals during a six week programme, by dedicating only 3-4 hours of my week either to sessions with Mase or following his programmes. What separates Mase from other trainers was his ability to listen to my two very differing goals and provide a programme that was tailored to me – not only in terms of specific exercises but in correctly judging the physical capability of my body.

I currently juggle a job in the City with other commitments and IPT were very understanding and quick to respond if an appointment had to be rearranged or cancelled at late notice. They operate very flexible hours and I was always able to get a session in at a time that was convenient to me. As a former professional rugby player, Mase was also able to give me insight and provide a level of knowledge of the game and sports specific exercises that very few others can. His passion for the sport is clear and I would encourage any budding rugby players to invest in his time.

The facilities are on par with the best gym you could find in the area and it offers a great environment to train. Do not be put off by the expense, if you want results, this is the place to go. After a two year absence from the sport I’m now 2 months into a new season and have not had any problems with prior injuries, I put this down to the work I did with Mase during the summer. I would recommend IPT to anyone who has any fitness related aspirations that they are struggling to achieve – IPT can make it happen.”

City Worker & Rugby Player


Tunbridge Wells, 2016