Cathrine Herrem fitness transformation

How we did it

Our fabulous client Cat has grafted away on IPT Fitness exercise programmes and nutrition plans over the past 16 weeks in order to fulfil her dream to partake in a bikini contest.  Not only did Cat lose just short of 10% body fat in order to strut her stuff on the UKBFF stage (London and South East), but she has completely sculpted and transformed her physique.
We are extremely proud of Cat, who looked the total package at the competition… A transformation and fitness competition requires complete dedication at the best of times, but to compete at this level with two young children, as well as having a successful career as an osteopath is simply outstanding. Cat : you are an inspiration to all young mum’s out there, and we feel privileged to work with such a positive, talented, and determined young lady.
Baseline Now
16.8% Body fat* 7% body fat*
61.6kgs 57kgs

*12 site biosignature body fat testing

Here is what Cat had to say about working with us in her journey to rock the stage at UKBFF and looking simply fabulous:

“The before and after photos show good results, but I wanted to highlight the comprehensive package of support, advice and physical training provided by IPT, which enabled me to meet my weight loss goal.

Personal training support is provided by very well qualified trainers. And whilst their services are focussed and personalised, they are not exclusive. Each PT session I had with Tom was excellent, he’s dedicated, and will get the best from you, wasting no time.

The gym itself is also first class. IPT is a personal training gym, so when I would have a PT session, the only people I would see in there, were other personal trainers, each equally dedicated to their clients. There are minimal distractions, so you can really focus on your form and reps.

IPT advice and support comes from many quarters, be that training and nutritional programs or supplementary input. Aimee gave me invaluable nutritional advice throughout, all I needed to do was meet the nutritional targets set by Aimee, which, when paired with Toms exercise program gave me everything I needed to meet my target.

In terms of my own personal experience I have found Tom to be professional, dedicated, hard working and very knowledgable. Tom brings a wealth of experience to his role as personal trainer, advisor and mentor. Should on the rare occasion he be unavailable, there was always appropriate and suitably well qualified back up. The program Tom put together was excellent, constantly being updated with new exercise variants, which really helped hold my interest and keep me on track.

Having team IPT in my corner has been amazing, truly, they are a valuable source of inspiration and knowledge, and made each session I had tough but enjoyable. They find the balance.”

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