Scott Johnson weight loss transformation

How we did it

Simply astonishing. Client Scott Johnson makes his trainer Mase proud by breaking IPT Fitness records to date.  Scott took the weight loss challenge of 2014 by the horns and has achieved all this in an impressive 8 month period.
Scott lost 33.5kg (that is 5 STONE 3lbs!), 17% body fat, and 12 inches off his waist!
Baseline Now
30.59% Body fat* 13.95% body fat*
139kgs 105.5kgs
53 inch waist 41 inch waist

* 7 site skinfold caliper testing

Here is what Scott had to say about training at IPT Fitness in Tunbridge Wells:

“Being a keen rugby player and busy professional, I learned of IPT’s offering from Tunbridge wells rugby club and decided to take the plunge. I began training with Mase in April 2014 after a long period of gaining weight and being a general slob.
I had no idea what to expect but due to the backgrounds of Aimee and Mase, I knew i was in capable hands. The service that Aimee and Mase provide is second to none and gave me a great sense of confidence and excitement for the results.
 Ambitious targets were set and strict diet plans defined, which, with the help of Mase’s excellent tuition and Aimee’s concise guidance, the weight began to drop. The sessions with Mase (and sometimes Tom) are grueling, but leave you with a huge feeling of accomplishment. I really cannot recommend Mase, Aimee and all of the guys at IPT enough for their outstanding work as I would have never been able to reach my goals without them. If you are serious about making a committed lifestyle change to give you the body and health that you want, IPT has the best knowledge to get you there.”

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