Travelling vegetarian young professional transforms

Celia Oulette personal transformation

How we did it

IPT fitness client and human rights lawyer Celia Muffet has shown consistency pays off when it comes to training and nutrition. It is not every day that a member of your client base has to rush off at short notice to attend to one of her clients… who is on death row in the USA! As difficult as this is to imagine, what might make it even more interesting, is Celia would be texting me on her way to ask how we were going to adapt her training and diet to fit in with her ‘trip’. Now that is dedication!
When Celia was local, she attended her weekly personal training session, as well as dancing her way through the bootcamp sessions every Saturday! Clearly as you can see from the photos, Celia was already in great shape to start with. Through training at IPT Fitness she has progressed with her strength training dramatically, she competed in the Spartan race, X-Runner, and Dirty Dozen race where she was 8th female finisher. With regard to training for body composition, Celia’s consistency in her diet whilst home and away chipped away at the body fat level, and what I feel is more noticeable is the change in her body shape as she gains more experience in the weight training.

Baseline Now
29.08% body fat* 23.13% body fat*
68 kgs weight 64 kgs weight

*7 site skinfold caliper testing

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Here is what Celia had to say about training with Aimee and IPT Fitness:

I’d been working out for about seven years – including with trainers – before I started training with Aimee. I thought I knew the ropes, but was just getting a bit stuck in a rut. I was in decent shape, but felt that for the effort I was putting in at the gym – and my consistency – my results should be better. So, we did some research and found Aimee and Mase. What a good idea that was!

Over the past year or so Aimee has tortured me and – to be honest – I’ve probably tortured her with my early morning whining and reduce-carb-rages! The biggest thing about working out with Aimee and Mase has been the learning curve I’ve taken. They really tailor plans individually to you, and explain why you’re doing things rather than just following a template schedule and programme. You never feel they’re just hitting print on someone else’s old programme or copying out the next step in a one-size-fits-all book of gym routines.

Much as I’ve loved (and occasionally hated – 25 reps anyone?!) Aimee’s workout programmes, the nutrition really has been the thing that pushed my progress into a different gear and Aimee has always been creative and patient with my lack of meat-eating, desire to only eat lentils and the fact that I’m travelling abroad for 50 percent of my time. Travelling has definitely impacted my progress, but Aimee has always encouraged me to adopt a slow, steady approach. Something very refreshing from a trainer because it must have been frustrating for her to watch me inch my way towards a more toned, muscular body! In fact, my progress has been so slow I struggled to believe I really had any visible progress until these before and after photos!

My husband and I have trained with trainers in Los Angeles, worked out at some of the fanciest gyms in the US, been interested in fitness and nutrition for years, but we have never made progress like we have with Aimee. From someone who has seen a good deal of the fitness industry, I can easily say that Aimee is head and shoulders above the rest. We have laughed many times about how we found the best trainer we’ve ever worked with in a tiny village in Kent, and not in the fitness capital of the world, LA. The simple fact is: whatever Aimee does, it works. And, when a trainer is telling you to do something out of your comfort zone, you have to trust them. With Aimee and Mase you really can. If it’s that heavier weight you’re afraid of, or some element of your diet you’d never have realised was hampering your progress so much, if you follow Aimee’s instructions you’ll succeed.