Client Testimonial

Mike Glendenning

When I started at City fitness I had two clear goals in mind. Gain weight and strengthen my shoulders more so my left shoulder after recent surgery.

My first goal was going to be a real challenge for as I have tried once before to gain weight via training at a gym. I did gain a little weight but nowhere what I had intended. Just under a year ago I weighed in at 73 kilos after training with Aimee I now weigh in at 84.1 kilos and still gaining. For my shoulders (more importantly my left) I could not do any kind of shoulder exercise without feeling pain or my joints clicking. Now I can easily exercise those muscles with ease without pain and have been increasing the weights I use on a regular basis.

Over the last few months I have noticed changes in how my body looks and have gone up in sizing of clothes very quickly. For example my shirt size has gone from medium shirts being somewhat loose, to now having to buy extra large shirts due to the large sizing now being too tight. I have also had to have my watch resized twice now as well.”

Sound Engineer, 34.

Mike Glendenning personal training

Wellington, New Zealand, May 2010