Client Testimonial

Lisa Scott

Aimee Stevens has been my Personal Trainer since November 2009 when my Personal Trainer at the time left for a new position; it was her that recommended Aimee to me.

She suggested Aimee as she thought I would enjoy the Kettle bell training which has been the case as this has improved my strength and general fitness along with the sessions and encouragement Aimee as given me. She has accommodated a range of fitness levels and abilities within these classes, and they have remained challenging and interesting for all parties.

Aimee always makes my sessions interesting, by adding in variety and challenging activities such as boxing, weights and cardio. Every session was always different to the last and always kept me motivated.

Aimee encouraged me to push myself and make the most of each session. I felt more confident going to the gym in my own time using equipment that I previously would not have, especially the free weights.

I find Aimee to be professional and organised in her sessions encouraging me to keep going, talking to you all through the session, (feeling bad that I sometimes I couldn’t answer her as I was huffy and puffy from my work out).

Aimee is extremely professional to deal with and she has been very consistent with communicating schedule changes and updates.

I will miss my sessions with Aimee and would recommend her as a Personal Trainer now and in the future.

I wish you all the best for your future and where ever that may lead you.”

Account Broker, 39.

personal training

Wellington, New Zealand, May 2010