Paul Ringer fitness transformation

How we did it

IPT Fitness transformation has seen Paul Ringer lose more than 10% body fat over the last 5 months.

Paul has impressively increased his lean mass by 3kg and fallen from 21.5% body fat into the single digits zone… No ridiculous supplements or crazy diets needed, all simply with a dedicated home gym, IPT Fitness personal training sessions, and a nutritional plan.
As with his beautiful wife Emma, Paul did not appear to be overweight… However, switching up the Maccy D’s for a diet plan specifically devised for his body type, body fat, and training level, has worked absolute wonders for Paul, even I did not see this one coming I am seriously impressed! Paul is a natural in the weight room and has a patient and consistent outlook on training in terms of results which has made this amazing transformation inevitable.
Baseline Now
81.1kgs 74.5kgs
21.5% Body fat* 9.7% Body fat*

*12 site biosignature body fat testing

Here is what Paul has to say about training at IPT Fitness:

“Last summer, my brother-in-law Lee had been waxing lyrical about the fitness program IPT Fitness had him working to, and how great his results were. Lee has always been a very accomplished rugby player/athlete and as such keeps himself in good physical condition but this was different. Lee looked in phenomenal shape, something you can see for yourself on this very site.
Roll on a few months to early 2014 and I had managed to get myself in to a terrible state. I was drinking heavily, eating fast food on a daily basis, and all the while using the stresses of work as my excuse for my ever expanding waistline. In truth I was a mess, but there was seemingly no obvious answer. My perception was that to lose weight and get fit there would need to be tireless cardio sessions and salad eating to change that, something I didn’t have the time for and simply wasn’t prepared to do especially if I could just have a beer instead.
Thankfully my wife Emma took control of the situation and on Lee’s recommendation she dutifully arranged a consultation with Aimee in March of this year. I was very apprehensive at first, fearing the aforementioned drudgery of countless sessions running long distances or eating mung beans three times a day. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Protein was the order of the day and rather pounding the tarmac I was asked to pick up the dumbbells and get lifting.
Aimee managed to guide me from flabby to fit in just five months. All of my programs were perfectly tailored to my needs and as a result I’m now the man I always wanted to be. I have been transformed from borderline obesity to a healthy and happy individual who is not only significantly fitter and stronger but also considerably more motivated and even less stressed at work. The IPT experience has been life changing. A bold and obvious statement I agree, but the results speak for themselves.
This won’t be the end of my IPT story. After a two week holiday I will be back and I want to achieve even more, something I know will be easy with Aimee’s expert guidance.”

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